How does the indicator light change?

Plug in, the light changes from "flash yellow" to "flash red" after 15s Heat-up (Ready to use).Short press to change the light from "solid yellow" (Low Steam) to "solid red" (High Steam).Long press to change the light to "flash red" (Dry Ironing).

Can it use standard tap water?

It is recommended to use de-mineralized or distilled water. If you use tap water, you may experience mineral build-up due to the high mineral content in the water supply in many cities, which may cause intermittent steaming.

Is this for travel, or can it only be used on a regular basis at home?

This device can be used both for travel and at home. But most people use it for everyday purposes because of its weight. For travel use, we would like to recommend another foldable steamer NB316A.

How to Attach or Take Out the Water Tank?

Please always align the latch when pushing in to avoid damage.


  1. Pull out the tank to detach; Push the tank in to attach!
  2. If your water tank is broken WITHIN ONE YEAR, simply reach out to us and we'll quickly send you a replacement tank!
  3. To find the replacement tank for your steamer after 6-12 months, you can search for B0CQQ5FB54.
What You Need to Know About iron?
  1. Users with large hands may need to get used to my petite stature. Users with small hands are a perfect match for me.
  2. I am petite and light-weighted, you won't feel tired after long hours working.
  3. I'm particularly good at working in difficult positions like collars, plackets, pockets, around buttons etc.
  4. Although I don't have a steam function, you can use the attached spray bottle to achieve wet ironing.
  5. I can heat up quickly and also works well for pressing seams, and other small intricate work.
What is the purpose of the heads provided with the steam mop?
  1. Triangle brush, nylon brush, brass brush: Used for cleaning floors, kitchen stoves, and other multi-angle surfaces.
  2. Gap brush: Used for cleaning floor gaps, tile joints, and similar areas.
  3. Squeegee: Used for removing water vapor from glass surfaces.
What are some tips for achieving a smoother finish when ironing clothes horizontally?
  1. The easiest way to get pesky wrinkles out of areas like cuffs and collars is to steam them horizontally, letting the underlying surface support your garment.
  2. With 360°anti-dripping design,no water spots are left behind.
Which fabrics are suitable for steam ironing?

Linen, lace, cotton, yarn, silk, polyester, wool, jeans, knitwear, nylon and so on.

Safety Instructions for Using a Facial Steamer:
  1. To avoid risk of burns or injury, make sure that you’re no closer than 10 inches to the nozzle.
  2.  The water we pour into the facial steamer's water container must be impurity-free pure water or distilled water. Tap water cannot be used for steaming the face, as its impurities can be harmful to the skin.
  3. It is recommended to limit facial steaming to 1-2 times per week.
Precautions for Using a Steam Iron:
  1. Maintain Distance: When heating, ensure the steam vent is not pointed towards people. Always aim the vent at clothing or an unoccupied area to prevent steam burns.
  2. Use Protective Gloves: Wearing protective gloves during ironing can effectively prevent hand burns, especially when handling difficult-to-iron areas.
  3. Avoid Direct Contact: Do not touch the iron's soleplate or steam vent directly with your hands, even shortly after turning it off, as they may still be hot.
  4. Cool Down Before Storing: After use, allow the iron to cool down completely before storing it to prevent accidental burns from residual heat.
  5. Regularly Inspect the Equipment: Regularly check the steam iron's cord and plug to ensure there are no damages or wear, preventing electric shocks or fires.
  6. Use Pure Water: Use impurity-free pure water or distilled water in the steam iron's water tank. Avoid using tap water, as its impurities can be harmful to the skin and affect the iron's performance.
When Will My Order Be Shipped Out?
  1. We currently do not ship on weekends or holidays. Most items will be shipped out within 2-3 business days of successful payment processing.
  2. The delivery takes 5–10 days in the continental United States.
Where Do You Ship?

We currently ship in the continental United-States. For shipping outside of these areas, please email us at

Can I Change My Delivery Address Of The Paid Order?

You can change the delivery address as long as your order has not been shipped. To request a change, please contact us at and provide your order number and the new delivery address you need it changed to.
We will respond to you within 48 business hours.